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This site uses MediaWiki software, which provides general editing facilities, with the addition of software from Semantic Mediawiki, which adds database like features based on subject-predicate-object links (tripes). Typically, the subject of the triple is a page.

Accounts and access

An account is required to edit content on the site. End users can't create their own accounts, instead a Sysop user should user the Special:CreateAccount page.

Main Page

The Main Page provides links to Rights pages.

Below the links is a list of Explore links, including a link to this guide.

Rights pages

Rights pages are generated by queries using Category:Right and Property:Section. View the page source to see how they are composed.

Each Right's History page has a timeline view, which shows Probable Years from that Right. On clicking Timeline items the user is brought to that specific right section.

The following taxonomy is used for Right structure: Right > Topic > Question > Breakout. A breakout is a country or philosophical system. Some Questions have nested Questions.

For each Right, an 🖉 edit link is provided for an existing section, or a + create link. Breakouts are edited by selecting their heading. A widget, populated by the full list of country or philosophical systems, is provided to create breakouts that don't exist yet.

Explore pages (Country, Philosophy)

These page shows how section data can be queried and developed independant of Rights pages. Pages, categories, properties and queries can be changed or added as required.

Data development

Semantic Mediawiki supports a range of data types, from numbers, dates, pages, text, units of measure, and so on. Triples build on the concept of links to type the association (named links). Therefore, they provide a strong way to indicate relationships between subjects, which can be queried.

Data can be assigned in templates, or inline by extending MediaWiki links using :: notation. For example, a simple form of data extraction is used to create Property:Probable year links. These links can be transformed into specific dates via manual editing.

Additionally, simple inference can be used. For example, a Probable year is a type of Date, so general Dates can be queried, or more specific Date types.

Data elements are in Special:Properties, Special:Templates, Special:Forms and Special:Categories.

Here's the site taxonomy:

TLC(3 C)
Breakouts(2 C)
Right(9 C, 6 P)
Section(9 P)

Data can also be explored on an ad hoc basis using Special:Ask.

Further opportunities

In addition to the above, bibliography entries could be consolidated across the site.

Other formats, Mediawiki and Semantic Mediawiki tools and extensions are available such as tag clouds and graphs can be used to explore content and relationships and address site issues such as missing content.